Little Ripper Lessons (4-7yrs)

27 juillet 2024, 09:00 — 11:45
$30.00 - $30.00 S'inscrire
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Détails de l'événement

Two 45 Golf lessons on Saturday and Sunday morning for $30 per child (up to 4 children per Group Lesson)

In the note section, please enter Child's name, age, parent and emergency contact (Phone #'s and E-mails), Past Golf Experience and do they have their own clubs.

By signing up you agree to all personal absences are forfeited and you give permission to use your child's picture on the Red Barn Web-site and Social Media sites.

Inscription / Type de billets :

9am Lesson

10am Lesson

11am Lesson

Où et quand

27 juillet 2024
12379 Wagon Wheel Rd, Rockton, Illinois, 61072
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