Here in the Town of Bow Island, known affectionately as The Bean Capital of the West, the people of this diverse farm community have a little secret — The Bow Island Golf Club. How can you find this Southern Alberta gem? Well, for starters, head just a bit southeast of Calgary. Next, look for the world’s largest putter just off the highway. Built in the ’90s by George Thacker, the landmark points right to golf course.

The Bow Island Golf Club history dates back to 1955. A local group approached the Bow Island Town Council that year for approval to build a golf course. The clubhouse moved one year later from Main Street, and Bow Island Golf Club was established.

The course has increased in popularity through the years, and hundreds of trees have been added along the fairways. Thanks to great community support, the Bow Island Golf Club has developed into one of the best 9-hole courses in Southern Alberta.

We can’t wait for you and yours to visit “The Island.” Just look for the world’s largest putter!


Bow Island

  • 9 trous
  • Normale 36
  • 3050 mètres
SSS 34.7 34.2
SLOP 113 115
Prix moyens
30,00 $
35,00 $



Bow Island Golf Club

1133 4th St SE
Po Box 861
Bow Island, Alberta, T0K 0G0, Canada
☎ +1 (403) 545-2718

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